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Marui Coffee

Onna regional street market has been very successful with marketing local people and tourists.   The parking area is always crowded in mid-day.   In the corner of the market is Marui Coffee, a booth of organic coffee beans.   There’s the man.  He’s the roaster. He’s only here in weekends. He imports organic coffee beans and […]

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Fish Party

Invited my friends over and got a fish party.   I caught some fish to cook.   Cold smoked Amberjack. I made this about 3 months ago, kept it frozen, but still it was in an excellent sashimi quality. Because the moisture is absorbed in the process of smoking, it didn’t lose much quality in […]

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Yaki Gyoza – pan-fried dumplings –

Yaki Gyoza (pan-fried dumplings) is, of course, originated in China.  But it has become one of the most popular dishes in Japanese home cooking.  Most of Ramen restaurants have it in the menu too. Have meat and vegetables all chopped up to make the filling.  Take a spoonful of filling on the round flatted dough, wrap up and close […]

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