Invited my friends over and got a fish party.



I caught some fish to cook.



Cold smoked Amberjack. I made this about 3 months ago, kept it frozen, but still it was in an excellent sashimi quality. Because the moisture is absorbed in the process of smoking, it didn’t lose much quality in freezing and defrosting. This was a super cool discovery!



This was a beautiful salad with Japanese Large-Eyed Bream.  The fish was soaked in 2% salt water with a little bit of sake for 30 minutes and then semi-dried by Pichitto! over night.  This was a very tasty fish. Seasoned with olive oil, salt, citrus juice, and a bit of soy sauce.



This is my cat.

He knows if he behaves well, he may be rewarded with what’s smelling in the kitchen.  And he’s very patient about it.


This was the dish of the day.  Teri-boil with Humpback Red Snapper. It was my first time to have this fish. OMG. This fish must have been born to be Teri-boiled! It was gorgeous! Teri-boil is a very popular fish cooking in Japan.



Acqua Pazza with Emperor Fish and Bigfin Reef Squid. Tomatos, garlic, brocoli, capers, boiled in wine / water with the grilled fish and squid. I finish the sauce by adding some citrus juice and olive oil. Topped with basil and parsley.  This is a sure thing.


With all gratitude to our mother ocean,

Gochiso sama deshita!


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