April 2016

We have Sous Vide now!

Sous Vide came to our kitchen! I stumbled on the idea of sous vide cooking a while ago.  After some research, I figured this is a way to go.  And here it is. Anova Precision Cooker The idea is to bag the food in a zip lock, air sealed, and cook in a water with […]

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One-coin Chinese appetizers

We were on the way back from the airport, and we came to this chinese restaurant in Naha for the first time in a while.  It’s near Ryubo in downtown, next to Kariyushi hotel.   Yang Kyou Fangs is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Okinawa, including red hot Sichuan cuisine dishes.     There […]

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Squid Ink Dumpling

Okinawa is coming into the season for bigfin reef squid! This squid can grow over 5kg here.  This one is a small 2kg size.  This was my only catch for yesterday.  Squid fishing is still new to me.  I need to improve my fishing skills on it because this squid is so delicious!  It’s good […]

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Personal dining with beautiful pottery

We’ve been here before when they were a Okinawa Soba restaurant.  I remember their outstanding clear broth. Fu An became so popular as a Okinawa Soba restaurant and the owner got tired of it.  He wanted to provide more personal experience where you can enjoy the quality traditional food and Okinawa pottery.  So they changed the concept […]

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Sara is back and here to stay!

Chef Akiyuki Nasu is definitely one of the best skilled French chefs in Okinawa. And I know that he’s such a good hearted man with such abundant passion and knowledge. He used to run his restaurant successfully in Onna, but unfortunately he had to move several times, and now he finally built his own restaurant. […]

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