July 2016

Sweets of the Week

Just hanging out to my neighbor to pick up some breakfast for the next couples of days. Kino Store opens on Thu, Fri, and Sat.   They change menu weekly.  Usually they all sell out before late afternoon.  A lot of people buy the weekly choice by mails regularly too. You can freeze them without losing […]

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Our Favorite Steak

When we want to get a steak, we come here. We don’t go to a steak house.  We don’t go to a Teppanyaki place. When we want serious red meat, Bistro Kato Shokudo is it for us.   Of course this place is fantastic for a lot of other dishes, but today we are here to […]

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My Pop-Up Fish Restaurant

A lot of people believe that Okinawa has no good fish. So did I. But when I started fishing in the deep off shore here, I quickly learned that the fish that this ocean can offer is amazing!  There’s cold, mineral-rich deepsea current flowing through the area and I catch some gorgeous fish.  They are very expensive […]

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Okinawan Seafood in Yomitan

Ohki Seafood is located on Route 6 in Yomitan.  Operated by one of the old fish suppliers in Okinawa, this restaurant is a good place to eat fresh local seafood in very local cooking.   Plenty of tables.  80 people capacity.  There are private rooms too. Reservation is recommended to make before you come.   […]

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Shaved Ice in a Hot Day

It was late afternoon in a hot day.  We came to Sans Souci in Kita Nakagusuku. We bumped into the owner, Ganta-san.   It was 14:30.  They stop serving lunch meals at 15:00.  Starts dinner at 17:30.  They serve only sweets in the afternoon between. They were going to close for the day at 15:00 […]

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Casual but Serious Sushi

As our exploration for good sushi bars in Okinawa continue, one came up to ring our bell finally.   Sushi Kawaji in Matsuyama, Naha.   Beautiful sushi counter.  They have private rooms as well.   It looks good.  You can tell the diligent preparation.   A young sushi chef who served us.  He said they fly […]

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