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Located on Route 6 in Yomitan, Ohki Kaisanbutsu is one of the best Okinawan seafood restaurants. Operated by one of the oldest fish suppliers on the island.

Feature.  Okinawan seafood.

Location.  427-2 Ohki, Yomitan, Okinawa 904-0316

Phone.  098-956-5692

Open.  16:00 – 24:00

Close.  Non-regularly

Budget.  JPY2000

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Okinawan Seafood in Yomitan

Ohki Seafood is located on Route 6 in Yomitan.  Operated by one of the old fish suppliers in Okinawa, this restaurant is a good place to eat fresh local seafood in very local cooking.   Plenty of tables.  80 people capacity.  There are private rooms too. Reservation is recommended to make before you come.   Chaotic decoration, which is pretty common, almost a characteristic feature, for Okinawan traditional restaurants.   The only thing we don’t like about this place is smoking is allowed.   Soumen Champuru.  JPY500. Soumen is a Japanese angle hair pasta, pretty common throughout the nation.  But it’s rare that Okinawa people like to have it in stir fry […]

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