Fancy, Consious French Pastry

Joie Joie 326 is on Route 6.  Coming from R58, it’s just before Torii Gate on your lefthand side.   It’s a French-style patisserie.  The Patisier worked as the chief dessert chef at G8 Okinawa Summit in 2000.  The man with skills.   The shop is nicely decorated with Okinawan white plaster walls and corals.   A dazzling view of fancy sweets.   Pound cakes.   Baked cakes.   Quiche, made of local organic vegetables.   Rounds cakes.  They all look gorgeous and photogenic. 12cm round was about JPY2400 to JPY2800.   Each pieces are about JPY420.  A little expensive for Okinawan market, but they are already looking they are worth […]

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Real Handmade Chocolate

American Village in Chatan has a new chocolate cafe that you can’t miss.  It’s on the 2nd floor of Zhyvago Coffee.   They handmake everything from bean to bar in the house.  I didn’t know what that exactly means until the owner Hayashi-san explained to me later.   They all looked good, but we had to skip it because it was just before dinner.   I had a hot chocolate. YuYu had a Cacao Pulp Juice.  Never heard of cacao pulp juice…  I didn’t even know cacao beans had pulp, and enough pulp you can get juice out of.  It says it’s 100% cacao pulp juice.   Oh my goodness!! […]

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The Best Value Hotel Lunch Buffet

EM Costa Vista Hotel and Spa in Kita Nakagusuku provides the best value Hotel lunch buffet on the island daily. This lunch buffet has been loved by locals since I was founded in 2005, and now by the domestic tourists, and international.  It’s very popular.  Popular buffet runs well and keeps foods fresh on the table, so it’s even better.   EM stands for Effective Microorganisms.  When put in foods, EM turns it to cheese, yogurt, bread, soy sauce and miso, while non-EM gets them rotten.  When put in soils or water, EM purifies and enriches the environment. Professor Higa of University of Ryukyus has engineered to extract EM and exclude non-EM.  Now it’s a big […]

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