August 2017

A New Wave Okinawa Soba

A new Okinawa Soba opened early this year in Nago.  There are some parking spots in the back, but it’s really narrow neighborhood.  The street parking should be OK around here if it isn’t too much.   A very clean cut looking restaurant like a high-end Japanese Soba or Udon place.   The sign says, […]

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A Champion Burger?

  This is Bone’s in Uruma, near Ishikawa IC.  It’s nested in the beautiful sub-tropical forrest park.   Actually, I’ve been here before.  Despite how nicely this restaurant is decorated and set up, I found the food wasn’t as good as we expected.  It was the time they just opened, so I decided to let it […]

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Edo-Style Tempura Bar

  Tenka in Naha is a classic Edo-style (traditional Tokyo style) Tempura bar.   One-person operation by the chef over the counter.   We ordered JPY8000 course.   Appetizer.  Soft boiled egg with some seafood in nice dashi soup.  If you taste Dashi, you can tell a lot about the restaurant.  Very delicate and round rather […]

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Our Steady Choice for Chinese Cuisine

  Sometimes we want to have some Asian food for a little celebration, and Getsuen Hanten is our steady choice.  Located in Plaza House Shopping Center in Okinawa-shi, near Rycom Shopping Center.   Also known as Charlie’s Restaurant, this chinese restaurant was founded in 1954 when the Plaza House Shopping Center was open.  63 years old.  The Cantonese […]

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