Hawaii Big Island | East Coast

We finally came down to our final episode of our vacation on the west coast. Kona district, the dry, sunny side of the island. It’s amazing the big island has all the climates. From this sunny dry heat of the West, wet jungle of the East, cool grassy area of the North, and freezing high land of the Middle.     Seafood Bar and Grill, Kawaihae   This is a restaurant that the ranch owner recommended us. He described it as “not a fancy restaurant, but good food that locals love.”  That sounds like what we were wanting to hear.  But we were not really hungry, so we just dropped […]

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Hawaii Big Island | North Coast

Our exploration continued to the north part of the island.   We stayed at a vacation rental in a beautiful ranch near Waimea. Yuyu loves horses.  That is why we chose this place.  And right after the gate, we were greeted by a dozen of horses.  You could never imagine such encounter in Japan.  A dozen of horses, free on the lawn, coming to greet us on their own will.   She is in heaven.   It was a nice place with lots of space.   We were cooking grass-fed filet mignon we bought in Whole Foods in Honolulu.   We are having it with Papaya sauce.   Along with the […]

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Hawaii Big Island | West Coast

We landed on Oahu on August 31 on our way to our 1-week holidays on the big island of Hawaii.   YuYu has wanted to visit the big island for a long time, and here we are in Hilo, greeted by a full rainbow.  Looking good ahead.  A double typhoons were on the way but we didn’t believe that it would bother us.   A beautil tunnel of trees on Puna coast.   Snorkeling in the tide pool in Kapoho.   Warm pond where hot spring meets the ocean water.   We planned to stay in some vacation rentals.  To be honest, we didn’t expect much from restaurants in Hawaii first.  It’s […]

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