Shabu Shabu dinner with Agoo Pork

Miyabi Chaya is a ohagi cafe in Okinawa city. They provide shabu shabu dinner for one group only upon reservation.  JPY4500 per person.       Starter.  Hiya Mugi pasta, like angel hair pasta, with sesami sauce (left). Tofu paste with Nigana plant (right).   Nigana plant means bitter leaf in Japanese.  This plant has been considered a medicine in the local traditional tradition.   Hiya Mugi with ginger bud, cucumber, tomato and Shiso (Japanese basil).   The second plate with Agoo meatloaf with some seasonal vegetables.   There are lots of restaurants that serve Agoo in this island.  But most of them are halfs or quarters. Agoo is a brand pork of Okinawa, it’s a black […]

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