February 2016

Stuffed with Organic Veggies

   We’ve heard that a lady who used to run a little organic vegetable store in Okinawa-shi moved and opened a restaurant last year.  The lady had such a good touch and a wonderful view about foods that we tried to buy her greens every time we had a chance. Gotta check out her restaurant.   A […]

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Kyushu Trip Day 3: Fujimoto Onsen Spa

Fujimoto is a traditional Japanese Onsen spa, located a little off of famous Kurokawa Onsen.  We just love this place for many qualities and this is our third visit. Just see some photos of this beautiful spa.   They got only 8 rooms.  We’ve got a Japanese style room, but some rooms have beds. The rates […]

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The best fish is what you catch

Many visitors say Okinawa doesn’t have good fish. I used to say that too before I moved here. It seemed that the cold weather made animals put on fats that we all appreciate if it’s fish or beef. And Okinawa was tropical. Fish had no reason to wear fats. That’s what I thought. The fish […]

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