Okinawan Seafood in Yomitan

Ohki Kaisanbutsu


Ohki Seafood is located on Route 6 in Yomitan.  Operated by one of the old fish suppliers in Okinawa, this restaurant is a good place to eat fresh local seafood in very local cooking.



Plenty of tables.  80 people capacity.  There are private rooms too.

Reservation is recommended to make before you come.



Chaotic decoration, which is pretty common, almost a characteristic feature, for Okinawan traditional restaurants.



The only thing we don’t like about this place is smoking is allowed.



Soumen Champuru.  JPY500.

Soumen is a Japanese angle hair pasta, pretty common throughout the nation.  But it’s rare that Okinawa people like to have it in stir fry as in Champuru.  Champuru literally means “mixture” in Okinawan slang.  Mix everything up in a frying pan, that’s what it means.

Very lightly and simply seasoned with tuna.



Mustard greens Champuru.   JPY600.

This was really good.  Mustard greens are rare to be seen in Champuru.  It’s mustard spicy and very good.



Local fresh fish, fried with butter.  Market value.

It was a grunt I got today.  It was big.  It was about 800g I think.

They usually provide grade B small fish like this, sea-perch or snappers.  Very good to eat in cooked, not so good for sashimi, not expensive, not cheap, grade B.  They are fresh for sure.

This one was JPY1800 today.  It’s usually JPY1400 to JPY2000.  It was just after typhoon passed us and fish price tends to go up after a typhoon.  Still, this is a very descent price for a fresh fish meal.  I have worked with a seafood restaurant in Okinawa before.  If you use fresh local fish, you can’t provide meals at any less than JPY2000.  If you see the lower price, you should doubt that it can be a frozen fish.  This place is a fish supplier so they get fresh fish much cheaper directly from fish auction market.


It’s very delicious.  This is the place I like the best to get this plate.  Very succulent inside and crusty outside.

At many restaurants, the sauce is loaded with garlic.  A lot of times I would like just the flavor of garlic but not like to have garlic.  At this place, they place garlic on the lemon.  I can just replace it on the side in butter sauce to extract the flavor without being overwhelmed by it.

You can also have the same fish either by grilled with salt, deep-fried, braised in teri sauce, or steamed in sake sauce.



Squid Ink soup.  JPY1500.

The soup was miso based.



Very creamy and tasty.



Deep-fried octopus.  JPY800

It was very tasty, amazingly soft, and crusty outside.  Very very good.



Assorted Tempura.  JPY1200.

Average Japanese style tempura, not Okinawan style which is more like fritters.



It is a nice place to treat your visitors to the island with local fish cooking, too.





ohki Kaisanbutsu

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