Kato Shokudo

Masterpiece Lamb Shoulder Chop

This is our birthday week.  I had mine last week.  YuYu will have hers next week. And we always fall back to our favorite restaurant, Kato Shokudou in Ginowan.  Especially we saw that they have the lamb shoulder chop roast in the weekly specials.   Cheers!   A small fixed appetizer. Don’t underestimate this little […]

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Our Favorite Steak

When we want to get a steak, we come here. We don’t go to a steak house.  We don’t go to a Teppanyaki place. When we want serious red meat, Bistro Kato Shokudo is it for us.   Of course this place is fantastic for a lot of other dishes, but today we are here to […]

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Oysters in season!! Ajillo!!

The oyster season is hitting Okinawa now! Who should we go to see first to cook the oysters for us, but Kato-san? We are here at Kato Shokudou.   Oysters in Ajillo. Usually they cook with oysters with potatoes which would be so delicious by absorbing the flavor from oysters.  But we ordered some other things that […]

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The sausage and shrimps

We went out with Yuyu’s parents who were visiting the island. Her father’s call, “Let’s go to see Kato.”  He loves the sausages here.  Her mother wanted some seafood.   2 cheeses of our choice.   Our usual.  Chicken liver mousse and pork pate. Liver is fresh, no bloody smell, seasoned with nice flavorful liquor.  Pork pate has been […]

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Hanging out with our favorite food

It was our day off after 2 weeks of intensive work.  Of course, we needed Kato Shokudo to finish the day with.   There’s Tomomi-san at the door to greet us.  She watches everything.  She’s so aware and sweet.   A small appetizer which is included in the table charge.   Brocoli with garlic and anchovy. […]

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