Masterpiece Lamb Shoulder Chop

Kato Shokudo


This is our birthday week.  I had mine last week.  YuYu will have hers next week.

And we always fall back to our favorite restaurant, Kato Shokudou in Ginowan.  Especially we saw that they have the lamb shoulder chop roast in the weekly specials.






A small fixed appetizer.

Don’t underestimate this little appetizer.  The cheese and jamon serano (today it was pork shoulder) are gorgeous.



Brocoli with anchovy olive oil.  Don’t forget to order this little perfection.



Our favorite 2 choices from the charcuteries.

Pork pate is my favorite.  Perfect temp control for the rich pork flavor with a hint of livery flavor.  Little chunks of pork cheeks give a good accent too.



Chicken liver pate is YuYu’s favorite.  She takes this little bit each time.  She can just keep licking on these bits and bits for hours.



And as usual, THE french fries.  I’m not joking, this simple fries should not be missed either.  Most regular customers here know this is no ordinary fries.



This is the main dish for her today.



This one is from the weekly specials.

Endive (chicory) salad with boiled eggs, walnuts, and Mimolette cheese.  A wonderful harmony.



YuYu switched to red wine before meat dishes.  She loved this one.  French wine called Cinon Les Terrassers.

Kato Shokudou has house wine in the glass.  They also serve several choices of wine in a glass too.  Very considerate of them for people who can’t finish a bottle of wine.



Here comes the housemade sausage from the weekly specials.

Special sausage with olive, dried tomatoes and garlic.  All the housemade sausages are good here, but don’t miss this one when it comes up on the weekly specials.



It comes with their simple, nice tomato sauce.  When you have all these together in one bite, the integration of all flavors will elevate it to another level.



Finally!  The lamb shoulder chops from the weekly specials.



The cut comes from close the shoulder and much bigger than normal lamb chop.



Look at this beauty.



Look at it once again!  It’s so beautiful!!!



The cut is close to the weight bearing muscles, a little tougher with collagen, and yet richer in flavor.  The chef roasted the meat a little longer to more doneness.  The result is, marvelous.  A little firm but pleasant mouth-watering texture to the teeth, and the flavor is clear and rich.  I would recommend this even to those who don’t like the distinct flavor of lambs.



And this crust…  A mixture of breadcrumps and herbs on top of mustard paste.  So creamy and barky.  So delicious.



Cannele and caramel ice cream, a weekly special.



It automatically goes like this.



What a finish.

We just loved the perfect dinner.







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