The Day's Specials at Kato-san

Kato Shokudo


Kato Shokudo is our favorite place.

We wanted to go to Aroma Onsen in Ginowan to warm up our bodies.  Kato Shokudo happens to be near…

Well, we could use any excuses to come here.





Chicken liver mousse and pork patty.  We just can’t miss it.  So tasty, so creamy.  No edgy scent.



We can’t miss this one either.  We don’t know why, but we just can’t get enough of these fries here.  We don’t know what.  We think they put in something addictive.  (just kidding)  It’s just so good.



We decided to go for the day’s specials today.

The first to come was this.  Grilled fig with blue cheese.  Just the idea was surprising to me.  And it was good beyond my imagination.

Grilled fig was sweet and juicy.  When combined with salty blue cheese, it became such delicious soup in my mouth.  I didn’t know how to categorize it, but it sure is a beautiful work.



She loves figs.  She came here for this piece today.



Grilled snap peas.

Simple, but seasoned and heated to perfection.  Still crunchy, such fresh flavor.



Tomato sauce gratin with port offal and lamb confit.

OMG… This knocked me off the table.  It was so good.

Offal was so tender and melting.  Lamb confit was filled with flavor.  Tomato sauce was so good itself but it provides such supportive stage for these players.

I asked Kato-san to put this in the regular menu, but he said he can’t with a smile.  It would be too much preparation for a regular menu.  They had to get whole internals to clean and prepare.  And lamb supply is very unstable in Okinawa too.

Oh, well.  Having different specials is one way to enjoy Kato Shokudo for sure.  He mentioned he’s getting oysters from next week.  NOW! that is a great news!  His ajillo is excellent.



His sausages are still dandy.



Housesmoked mozzarella pizza.  The dough is housemade daily too.

We order this pizza everytime it comes up on the day’s specials.  So tasty.


So we heard it.  Oyster season is coming up!




kato shokudo


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