Wagyu Beef Steak Omakase

Henza Nikuya



On Henza Island, where you can go by car on the bridge, a new restaurant opened in November 2018.  Using the knowledge on meats, butcher skills, network of Wagyu beef suppliers, a former butcher in Osaka moved here to open a Wagyu beef steak house.


Henza Nikuya, the butcher’s steak house.




They are so popular now in lunch time.  We came for dinner.  Nice space on the deck.



They renovated a house.  Clean and homy.



They have A5 and A4, top graded brand-name Wagyu beef, and the price is so descent.  And the variety of cuts of beef is something you don’t see anywhere in Okinawa.



Since their friends brought us here, they let us taste the roast beef to start with.  It’s a specific single muscle in the shoulder part.  It’s called Kurimi in Japanese.  Very lean, light, very fine flavor.  Loved it.  Building up anticipation.



The owner is 3 generations of the family.  Very typical in Osaka people, they are friendly, funny, generous and very diligent in their work.  Very nice people.



First came was the breaded deep-fry for one of my friends. JPY1380.

This cut is a part of A4 rump.  Lean but very tender, single muscle.  Deep-fried, but the meat is very lean and done rare, it really tastes great.  Very appropriate cooking and nicely done.



Here comes a combination plate of Wagyu beef hamburger and miscellaneous cut-offs.  JPY2880.

This hamburger was so juicy and tasty.  Wow!  Also the cut-offs.  Even though they are cut-offs from various cuts of meats, don’t underestimate, it’s A5 and A4 Wagyu.  They have marblings and the steak was very juicy and tasty.





Here comes steak Omakase with different cuts of A5 Wagyu beef. 400g for JPY7000

400g usually comes with 4 different cuts.  The owner was too nice to give me 6 different cuts.  Sirloin.  Rib eye center.  lean part of chuck roll.  Shoulder top blade.  A shoulder cut, I believe it’s called shoulder tender?  Rump.



They are all A5 brand-name beef from Miyazaki.  Of course they are all good.  Melting in your mouth kind of juicyness and tenderness.  I really enjoy different cuts of meats like this.  This is something you can try only here.

My favorite was shoulder top blade and shoulder tender(?).  Top blade was really plump and meaty, yet, tender and packed with flavor.  Shoulder tender(?) was really different.  It had the same quality as marbled ribeye cap.

Usually I can’t eat all this Wagyu meat.  But the quality of fats felt very light and clean, not greasy at all.  I enjoyed it until the last bite.



When I asked about the shoulder cut, the son of the family explained it with such enthusiasm.  I may not remember what he taught me, but I won’t forget his passion.

We will come back.

They are really popular now for lunch.  Try to come for dinner.  But if you can only come for lunch, they still do have all the menu.  Steak Omakase is what I recommend.  You can just choose from 200g (JPY3000), 300g (JPY5000), 400g (JPY7000), and 500g (JPY10000).  And they will mix different cuts of A5 Wagyu beef.  I would let the chef choose the doneness according to the cuts.  This is Wagyu with lots of marbling.  I usually like rare or medium rare, but when it comes to Wagyu, you should cook some cuts well, otherwise it tastes too greasy.  Better let the chef do the best to each cuts.

Hamburger was really something to come back to.  A combination place with Shoulder Top Blade, “Misuji” in Japanese, would be nice.

They were still working on translating the menu to English.  But the menu had pictures.  You can use this blog to point for your order.  They are very nice people.  They will try their best to communicate with you.  Be playful.



Henza Nikuya


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