Shio ramen at Awase 3rd St. Ramen

Awase 3rd St. Ramen is a very simple, yet, very unique Ramen restaurant.  Located in the coast line of Awase, Okinawa-shi.   They are playing Jazz. Try shio (salt) Ramen here.  JPY650.  The clear soup is from pork bones, chicken bones, and vegetables.  It’s light, but the body is solid and filled with flavors and umami.  Very heart-warming sips. The noodle is light and curled, a good match with the soup. Chashu is lightly seasoned, but it’s very juicy and tasty. It’s topped with “A-sa”, okinawa local seaweed.  It’s very unique to have this seaweed on Ramen.  Some people like it and some don’t.  We like the oceanic scent that it […]

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