Chilling out with soft serve


In the corner of farmer’s market in Ginoza is Cream Cream. A little soft serve ice cream shop using local fresh milk with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.



It’s always amazing to see the variety of people who’s fond of this little shop.  From little kids to the aged.  From local to visitors, international tourists.



Hand-painting menu pumps them up for sure.



There’s my favorite.  Yogurt Sandae.  JPY400.



From the bottom, corn flakes, yogurt, and soft serve on top.  I like this refreshing combination.



She’s got the plain soft serve on the cone.  I think it was JPY200.

We love the soft serve here.  Using fresh local milk, the soft serve is light in flavor and rich in texture.  You can taste the trace of full-body rich milk in the flavor, and nothing but that.  Nothing to sting your tongue or nostril.



My friend got Zenzai sweet red bean paste.  This is another recommend here.  The black sugar Zenzai here is delicious.

Now, I understand most American people don’t like the sweet red beans while they love red beans in soup, salad and burritos.  I strongly encourage to free your mind and try.  Because sweet red beans is so essential in Japanese sweets.  Without it, it would be like sushi without fish.  Sweet red beans are also popular in many Asian countries.

I love nuts.  I’m a nuts person.  But when I went to US and found boiled peanuts, I was disgusted.  It smelled like nothing but roots.  But after a couple of tries, I managed to open my mind and started liking it.  The same with Mexican bean paste.  I was so used to rich sweet red beans of Japanese sweets, it looked and tasted like a waste of some sort.  But now I love it.

I’m sure you can do it.  It’s just your mind playing a trick.  You can free your mind and start enjoying Japanese sweets!



Here’s Takaesu san, the owner.  A very friendly gentleman.  He played baseball for Ginoza Highschool.


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Cream Cream



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