Housemade pasta meets local veggies

Pasta Pasta Pasta Deli House

Pasta Pasta Pasta Deli House is just called “The House” most of the time.  They got nothing to do with one of the nation’s biggest food manufacturers, “House Food”.

It’s a little Italian restaurant specializing housemade pasta.  Located on the hill in Urasoe, it looks down on downtown Naha.


I just realized that I forgot to post this up.  This is actually a while ago.



A cozy, but stylish, space that feels like visiting a friend’s dining room.




2 kinds of assorted antipasto, 1 salad, and pastas all the way.

They say they have over 20 kinds of housemade pasta.  And they are meant to enjoy energetic vegetables and herbs from local contract farmers.  Not all, but mostly organic goodies in season.



Couples of more pasta of the day.  A couple antipasto too, which are carpaccio and salad with Saddle-back Snapper (a popular local fish), and tomato stew with 3 kinds of beans in truffle flavor.



I can see they cherish their fresh herbs.

Hung in the background are not towels.  They were pasta.



Starting off with assorted antipasto.  Lovely presentation.



YuYu enjoyed the liver mousse.



Ham, smoked squid, and pickles.  All housemade.

Very good.



Bolognese with stewed beef shank.  Delicious!  The stewed beef was very tender and flavorful.  The rosemary was aromatizing the whole dish.



Gorgonzola sauce.  The sauce was brilliant.  It’s blue cheese sauce, but not so sharp, but very rich and tasty.

I forgot what the green was.  Shiso (green perilla leaf) maybe?  It was refreshing the rich sauce.



I don’t know what this pasta is called.  But it was like 2cm wide.  Very silky texture like lasagne.



We are pretty picky with pasta.  We love it so much.  And YuYu makes great pastas too.

We usually hesitate to have pasta out in restaurants in Okinawa because we don’t want to be disappointed by over-done pasta in processed sauce or by stylishly decorated, so expensive, but such a small amount of pasta on such a big plate.

But we think we like this place.  Everything was carefully prepared and served in confidence.



The dessert was super rich and creamy.  Very good.




pasta pasta pasta deli house


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