“Nabe” means a pot in Japanese. It also refers to a Japanese dining style where you have one hot pot cooking in the center and everybody shares it. Motsu Nabe, Offal Nabe is a modern invention started in Fukuoka.

Ripalo is the specialized old-house restaurent for Offal Nabe.



It’s off Route 58 near Kadena rotary.





The dining space is nicely laid out.  I felt really comfortable.  I love those old wood pillars which have traces of shipwright works.



Off we go!



Simmered beef tendon in Teri and vinegar seasoning.



Crispy fries of local Taro



Here comes the Nabe.  There are 4 soup choices.

Light soy sauce seasoning, Rich miso seasoning, Spicy Korean, and Simple salt.

We took Rich miso.



While Nabe is cooking, we took some more appetizers.  Fried chicken.



Roasted vegetables of the season.



And we are ready to go!

In the pot is offal, cabbage, garlic slices, burdock, Chinese chive, tofu…

(You need to control the heat yourself to keep simmering a little but not to boil off the soup.)



Offal is prepared well.  No edgy smell.  Just full of collagen and fats.  Delicious.



After we done, there’s soup left reserving all the juice from the vegetables and meats.

You can throw in rice and egg, or one of 3 noodles they offer.  It looked like we had a little too much noodle.  But we enjoyed till the last drop.  So tasty.


If you are into offal, this place is highly recommended!

Everything was such an attentive work by the chef.


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Offal Nabe Ripalo



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