Okinawa Soba in a new dimension


Hidden in the quite residential area of Nishihara is a little Okinawa Soba of strong personality.



This place is really hard to find.  Don’t ask people.  You will never get the direction right.  Ask Google.



It’s a one-man operation by the owner.  There are about 10 seats only.



So-Ki, pork spare ribs, is at its best.  Should have been cooked in the broth for hours before grilled.



So-Ki is Teri-seasoned, but not too sweet, not too salty.  The broth is the key.  Great flavor with little seasoning.

Comes with Wasabi, which is a very nice refreshment.  I personally believe that every grilled meat should be accompanied by Wasabi.



So soft, juicy, and tasty that it makes you suck on the bone with a big smile.



The noodle is specially made.  Curly, medium heavy noodle.  Very firm, chewy, and so tasty.

The broth is a complex harmony with a lot of ingredients of several different dried fish, konbu, pork and others.



Slurp!  Slurp!  Slurp!



This is another Soba with ginger, green onions, and flaked pork.

I really like this one.  I think this broth is really best with ginger.



After you are done with the noodle, get the plain steamed rice and you know what to do…

Ju-shi, the okinawan mixed steamed rice, is really good here.  But with this noodle, the plain rice with the ginger soup is better.


If you have a good broth, you can’t go wrong…


Restaurant info


Ryukyu Men Matsuya



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