Personal dining with beautiful pottery

Fu An Pottery


We’ve been here before when they were a Okinawa Soba restaurant.  I remember their outstanding clear broth.


Fu An became so popular as a Okinawa Soba restaurant and the owner got tired of it.  He wanted to provide more personal experience where you can enjoy the quality traditional food and Okinawa pottery.  So they changed the concept of the restaurant.


It’s our first visit since they changed the concept.  Reservation is required for 1 party at a time only. Omakase course lunch from JPY4000.


They also sell the pottery from Omine Kobo, one of the most famous Okinawa pottery, Yachimun.






Starting off with simple Japanese broth.

The owner explained very friendly that it used to be Okinawa tradition that they first served the broth they used in their cooking when they hosted their guests.



Clear, gentle and rich broth was pleasant. Made of mainly Katsuobushi with chicken and pork.

Our anticipation is building up.



Kick start your stomach with enzyme.

Parsely smoothie with banana and kiwi.  It’s always nice to feed your stomach with enzyme before your meal, the owner explained.



Vegetable sushi.

From left, grilled Okinawan shallots, Nigana (daisy) leaf, hibiscus petal, propagule of Unnan Hyakuyaku.

Unnan Hyakuyaku is basella family.  The name means “a hundred medicine”.  So rich in minerals, it was considered as a longevity food in traditional medicine.

I’ve never had vegetable sushi before.  The idea didn’t thrill me when I heard about it.  But I love these little things!  So nourishing.

The owner explained that this local part of Okinawa is far from the ocean and they developed vegetable sushi for the amusement to their guests.  I was amused for sure!

The plant behind to decorate the plate is Getto. It’s just started blooming at this time of the year. Not only it’s pretty looking, but also it smells so good. They make herb tea with the leaves.



Rice noodle with grated pink yam.

Yes, it’s very slimy from yam.  This sliminess is from Glycoprotein.  So good for your body as it makes your blood smooth and prevents cardiac infarction.  Foods like yam, okura and natto have a lot of it.

I don’t know how to describe this texture in a good way in English.  Slimy or sticky is not a good word.  I don’t think English has a word for it.  I would call it “Mochy” as in Mochi.  Sometimes Japanese describe it like “smooth to the throat.”



Spare ribs.  Okinawa traditional dish for celebration.


So tasty and tender.


They just fall apart at your finger tips.



Pork belly shabu shabu.



Different cured pork.  From left, shoulder chop with herb salt, thigh with Getto salt, shin with koji mold salt.

Okinawa tradition loves every pieces of pork.



Rice noodle in soup.

Beautiful simple presentation.

I forgot what the owner explained about this noodle.  There was a story behind it.

The owner knows so much about pottery and Okinawa traditions.   He’s so friendly to tell all the stories as we go along his lunch course.  Highly recommended to go to this place with a Japanese person to translate what he says.



Ice-brewed tea.

I’ve never heard of ice-brewed tea before.  What he does is to place, on the filter, tea leaves underneath and ice cubes on top, store it in fridge, ice slowly melts and drips, slowly extracting from tea leaves.  What you get is such clear fine taste.

“You are enjoying the time behind the tea.” the owner explained.  What a refreshment.



Dessert was very rich housemade yogurt with pumpkin paste.



Coffee with Okinawa traditional sweet, Kippan



What a great afternoon with beautiful food and pottery.








Fu an Pottery





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