Precious Udon even when you are sick

We came out to central area to meet some people on business today.  Yuyu is not feeling well.  But we needed to eat something because she hardly ate today.



Sun set in Kitanakagusuku.

Where should we go?  There isn’t many choices when you are sick.  But there’s one near by.



Home sweet home.

Cafe Sans Souci.



Open for dinner.



Great.  It’s not crowded today.


This is one of the guest rooms with a space for kids.

This room is always crowded so I have never had a chance to take a picture.



Sans Souci is a diner’s cafe…  You bet!  That’s what we are here for.



Yuyu had Haikara Tenkasu Udon, JPY600.  Kujo Negi (Kyoto Green Onions), egg, Tenpura crumbs in traditional Japanese broth.



I had my usual Sesami Curry Udon, JPY850.  But without soft‐boiled egg.  I decided I like it this way.  The egg would wrap up all the flavors gently, but I realized that I can feel more spice flavors and the sweet aroma of sesami without it.



Instead, I had the egg on this little rice bowl.  Kujo Negi and Yanbaru Pork.

Oh my gosh.  This was a discovery.  It was so good.  We came here so many times but we haven’t had all in the menu yet.  Because some dishes strike us so hard that we can’t take other dishes.  And we had this little bowl for the first.

Kujo Negi, Kyoto Green Onions, are so flavory.  Very mild to the taste and it becomes so sweet when cooked.



She looks better now.

There are few restaurants we can eat out when you are sick.  This is one of them.  So precious.  Maybe it’s a Japanese thing.  But this broth is so heart-warming and energizing for us.



This is Black 7 Spices from Hara Ryokaku, one of the most famous spice blenders in Kyoto.

Shichimi, 7 spices, is such a popular table seasoning in Japan that most Japanese restaurants have it.  But Kyoto has some top-notch specialists with long tradition.  This is one of them.  They used to be the official supplier of herb mix of chinese traditional medicine to the royal family hundreds of years ago.  Very expensive.  Enjoy with respect.

Primal ingredient of 7 spices is red pepper.  But it’s not really hot because it’s blended and balanced with other herbs and spices.  The ingredients can vary by the blenders, but it’s usually poppy seeds, seaweed, orange peel, Japanese basil, ginger, sesame, Japanese pepper and so on.


Thank you so much for energizing us.


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