Rich and light. Complex and simple.


We found ourselves here again before we notice.

Ramen Hachi Ren.



Our anticipation is building up.



Apparently someone from Taiwan wrote a note on the wall.

I don’t know what it reads, but it seems like he or she likes the food here.



Yes.  This is Hasso Men.

The name means 8-layer ramen, with a soft-boiled egg topping.  They won’t tell what are those 8 ingredients, but the taste is complex, and yet, very simple because the soup is so well-balanced.  Very rich, very light.  I know there’s a hint of Yuzu, a kind of Japanese citrus.  I don’t know the rest, but it’s so good.

I think this bowl is very characteristic of Hachi Ren.  Highly recommended for your first Ramen here.



The signature Tsuke Men.

I definitely recommend hot tsuke men.  Tsuke men usually comes with non-hot noodles.  After boiling the noodles, they massage them in the running water to chill out so that the heat would not make the noodles too soft and soggy.

But personally I don’t like to have 2 different temperatures as soup is hot and noodles are not.  The difference gets in my way to taste it.

I always ask for hot tsuke men.  You can say “Atsu Mori” when order.  Or say “Hot” and see if they understand your English.  Hachi Ren would understand.

They will massage the noodles first to take out the heat that gets in the noodles.  Then lightly boil it again so that the noodles are only hot to the tongue.  Hachi Ren noodles are firm enough so that it will not be too soft in hot.  It will feel more chewy in hot and I like it better.




Of course with the sprout and green onions topping.


And with a soft-boiled egg too.



“Respect noodles and don’t talk while eating.”  “Don’t be rude to noodles.”

That’s what she says.


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Ramen Hachi Ren


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