Taiwanese Pork Rice Bowl

Yan no Mise


Off the street of Kokusai Dori is Yan no Mise.  A little taiwanese restaurant.  The name means the Restaurant of Yang.

We love Taiwanese food.  We visit Taiwan frequently just for foods there.  While YuYu is gone out of the island on a trip, I had things to do in Naha and I was reminded of this Taiwanese food here.



A cozy restaurant, singlehandedly run by a Taiwanese lady.



Taiwanese pork rice bowl lunch.  JPY600.  I love Lu Rou Fan!

Well, it was not authentic Taiwanese taste.  I don’t think so.  The Taiwanese has more of star anise, and somewhat greasier.  This one is between Taiwanese and Japanese teriyaki taste.  I think I like it as it is too.



Surprisingly, it came with Ara miso soup.  It was a very good fish soup.  I think it was tuna.

Ara is the fish part that you get after taking out fillets.  Head, pectoral fins, ribs and all the meat around them.  They make good soup, even though some people may find it a little troublesome to take out all the bones.  Ara miso soup is a very popular fishermen’s dish.



It came even with tuna sashimi!  I thought it was a very pleasant addition to the lunch.



I ordered fried dumplings.  JPY500.  (The dumpling lunch set is JPY600)

Delicisous!  Roughly chopped pork with other vegetables, but not too much garlic or chinese chive like other Japanese dumplings, wrapped by a little heavy dough.  Crispy fried and very juicy.  You can have it either, fried, steamed, or boiled.



Thank you Mrs. Yang!

I wanted to try some more dishes, but I was too full.

Better save them for the next visit.





yan no mise


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