The best authentic Tsuke-Men in Okinawa


San Chiku Ju is a Tsuke-Men specialty restaurant.  The owner chef has worked in one of the most famous and popular Tsuke-Men in the country, Roku Rin Sha.  It’s the authentic Tsuke-Men as Master Yamagishi created it.



Located near Omoro Machi.

They have opened the second restaurant in Ginowan.  I’ve been to that one several times too, but I think this head restaurant is better somehow.  They taste the same, but something’s different.  I recommend to first come to this one.



The menu is simple.  Tsuke-Men, the dipping noodle, or Maze-Men, no soup but seasoned noodle.  Go for Tsuke-Men first.

They don’t seem to have English menu.

You just need to say “Tsuke-Men” and choose the volume of noodles, small, medium or large.  And choose hot or cold.

The soup will be hot.  The noodle can be hot or cold.  Well, cold is not really cold.  About the room temperature.  It’s the original way of Tsuke-Men.  Hot noodle is a adaptation for people like me.  When I have cold noodle and hot soup simultaneously in my mouth, it troubles me to really enjoy the taste in 2 different temperatures.  When hot, you would enjoy the chewy texture of the noodle too.  But the catch is, the heat on the surface of noodle will eventually penetrate inside and make the noodle soggy.  So, I wouldn’t say “hurry”, but just focus on eating while you eat!!!



Here it comes.  It’s a harmony of fish base and pork base, basically.  With a hint of Japanese citrus and some other ingredients I don’t recognize.  Very rich full-body soup anyway.

The noodle is housemade.  Heavy body, very firm and chewy.  I like to have the noodle hot, so I like this noodle very much.  But if I have it cold, I may find it too firm.



This is a bottle with Japanese fish broth for your liking.  You can use it when the soup is too thick, or when you finish the noodle, you can pour some in and enjoy the rest of the soup.  That is really tasty too.


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