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On your way to the aquarium, ToTo la Bebe is a fully housemade hamburger restaurant in Motobu.  Features housemade bacon which is smoked with local grown cherry woods.


Feature.  Burger

Location.  16 Saki Motobu, Motobu, Okinawa 905-0225

Phone.  0980-47-5400

Open.  11:00 – 15:00

Close.  Thu.  Fri.

Budget.  JPY1000 – JPY2000

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Housesmoked Bacon Burger

On your way to the aquarium, there’s a good burger. Sorry, it’s not about Captain Kangaroo this time. This time I went to ToTo la Bebe in Motobu for the first time.   There’s a good parking lot in the same block.   They recently remodeled the place.   It’s a ticket system.  Self-service is requested. The basic burger is JPY760. But I’m here for Special Burger today.  JPY1200.  JPY1300 with cheese. Add JPY500 for drink and large-size fries.   There’s a bright dining space.   And there’s a Japanese floor space.   Here it comes. I’m smelling the smoked bacon already. They make buns, patty, bacon, fries for themselves in […]

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