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If you are from a coffee-rich city in the world, you will probably be disappointed at coffee here.  There are still a few coffee shops that I can recommend.  This is one of them.


Feature.  Coffee

Location.  Distortion Seaside Bldg, 9-46 Mihama, Chatan, Okinawa 904-0115

Phone.  050-5828-3333

Open.  9:00 – Sunset

Close.  N/A

Budget.  JPY500+

Posts about this restaurant

A Cup of Espresso

For the last 2 weeks, we were working intensively and we could not get out of Ginoza village. It was our day off after 2 weeks.  Headed out to Central Okinawa.  We had our favorite Ramen and now thirsty for a nice cup of coffee.  Zhyvago was open.   The cafe owner wanted me to try their Cappcino.   Oh wow…  Great rich aroma.  No edgy aftertaste. Felt my shoulders dropped and my lungs released a long breath.   He makes his beans at one of the top roasters in Okinawa, Pole Pole. He gets really excited when he talks about his coffee.   She doesn’t care who has roasted it, […]

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Possibly the best espresso in Okinawa

This coffee was a wonderful surprise for me. I know a few coffee places in Okinawa I like.  But basically I’ve given up to just bump into a good coffee in Okinawa.  There is a guy in Onna village who I always buy my coffee beans from.  He roasts with firewoods organic coffee beans.  I think his coffee is the best I can get on the island so I always carry around my coffee, and I don’t expect much from outside coffee. So when I bumped into this place today, it was a big WOW!   Located in one of the most popular shopping malls in Okinawa, American Village in Chatan. […]

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