When you come to Okinawa, eat pork.  And Manmi is the pork specialist.  It’s Yaki-Niku, a Japanese style of grill-your-own-meat BBQ.


Feature.  Pork Yakiniku (BBQ)

Location.  251 Isagawa, Nago, Okinawa 905-1152

Phone.  0980-53-5383

Open.  17:00 – 23:00

Close.  Tue.

Budget.  JPY3000 – JPY5000

* Reservation is recommended.

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Okinawa's Best Pork

We’ve done a series of long business trips.  And we missed my birthday during the trip. Now we came to Manmi to celebrate.   We always book the counter.   Here’s Yuichi-san, the manager.   Rosemary salt, kombu and sesame salt, and soy base kombu sauce.   Ebisu beer.   Cheers!   Crispy salad, JPY580.   Housemade ham.  So juicy and packed with flavor. All the pork here is fresh from local farm.  They buy the whole pig from Ganaha farm and prepare everything themselves.  They have specific ways to prepare each parts, especially with offals.   Pork Tongue, JPY1250.  This is a must to order when it’s available.   Grill on […]

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When you come to Okinawa, eat pork.

When you come to Okinawa, eat pork.  Forget beef (unless you know that the restaurant has good beef.)  Located in the city of Nago at the end of Okinawa highway is Manmi, the best place for Okinawa pork.   Manmi is the pork specialist.   The restaurant is like an old traditional house.  Very homy atomosphere. Each table can have little charcoal grill on it with powerful ventilation duct.  It’s Yaki-Niku, a Japanese grill-your-own-meat style of BBQ.   Meat Assorts for 4 people. As far as I can remember, loin, rib, fillet, throat, heart, neck, and breast.  Such varieties.  So beautiful. My favorite is breast.  It’s sitting in the front in the picture.  As you […]

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