Tenpusu Charcoal-Grill | JAPANESE

Eat fresh, eat local!  Tenpusu Charcoal Grill in Ginoza uses more than half of their ingredients from local farmers and fishermen.


Feature.  Japanese, Charcoal grill

Location.  663-49 Ginoza, Ginoza-son, Okinawa 904-1302

Phone.  098-968-5808

Open.  18:00 – 24:00

Close.  Mon

Budget.  JPY2000 – 3000

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Oysters!!! Steamed and Sashimi

We have been chasing after oysters lately. We searched at Tenpusu in Ginoza this time.       They have such great Dashi.  If you have good broth like that, everything tastes so good.     There it is!!! They have oysters from Itoshima, Fukuoka.  Itoshima is a home of oysters, the most famous port for oysters in Kyushu.  JPY250 a piece.  Sashimi or steamed. They told me they fly in oysters on Tuesday and Thursday.   Here comes Oysters sashimi. It’s sitting in Pon-Zu.  Pon-Zu is a Japanese seasoning made of citrus juice, soy sauce, rice vinegar and dashi.  They make their own Pon-Zu here and it’s brilliant Oyster’s so delicious […]

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Eat fresh, eat local.

At the end of dark road in the middle of sugar cane field of our Ginoza village is charcoal grill restaurant, Tenpusu.   When we decided to move to Ginoza in 2009, we were excited and a little nervous at the same time, because Ginoza was such a rural village that we’ve never had experience in.   But when we found this restaurant and the people here, they gave us reassuring that we’ll be OK here.  They are such nice warm-hearted people and the food is great.   He’s the owner chef, Kinjo-san.   She loves this ice cold beer. What’s amazing is that the chefs are paying so much […]

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