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Our most favorite ramen restaurant on the island!  Tonkotsu (pork soup) base Ramen and Tsukemen (dip noodle) with medium heavy noodle.


Feature.  Ramen (Tonkotsu)



This restaurant has moved to another location in Yomitan.  The continuing coverage will follow.



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Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen and Egg Rice

We just came back from a week trip to USA. And we were drawn to Hachi Ren Ramen for lunch again. Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen with green onion and sprout topping.   The spicy flavor comes from their housemade spicy oil with fried shrimps.  Gorgeous soup.   The straight medium-heavy noodles is silky and chewy.   Today I celebrate my return with rice with a raw egg. It came with 2 different soy sauce, which is naturally brewed by a traditional soy sauce maker with some 400 years of history.  Very round and rich flavor.   I always eat noodles first.  It’s a crime to let noodles sit in the soup and become […]

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Rich and light. Complex and simple.

We found ourselves here again before we notice. Ramen Hachi Ren.   Our anticipation is building up.   Apparently someone from Taiwan wrote a note on the wall. I don’t know what it reads, but it seems like he or she likes the food here.   Yes.  This is Hasso Men. The name means 8-layer ramen, with a soft-boiled egg topping.  They won’t tell what are those 8 ingredients, but the taste is complex, and yet, very simple because the soup is so well-balanced.  Very rich, very light.  I know there’s a hint of Yuzu, a kind of Japanese citrus.  I don’t know the rest, but it’s so good. I think this […]

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Our most favorite Ramen

Ramen Hachi Ren opened in 2008, just about the time we moved to Okinawa.  And we fell in love with their Ramen.  For the first 2 years we came almost every week.  We’ve seen their history.  It’s not an objective judgement, but it’s our pure love to say “They are the best Ramen on the island!!!”   Now they became so popular.  Most time and day, there’s a waiting line.  You write down your name, buy tickets for your orders , and wait to be called.   She ordered the signature Ramen.  Tonkotsu base from local Okinawa pork with medium heavy noodle.  Very rich, creamy and tasty.  We just loved the balance of all the tastes […]

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