Yan no Mise | hybrid!

A cozy restaurant for Taiwanese homy cooking by a Taiwanese madam.  Close to Kokusai Dori in Naha, Lu Rou Fan (pork rice bowl) and dumplings are the specialities.

Feature.  Taiwanese

Location.  3-4-8 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa 900-0013

Phone. 090-1944-7572

Open.  11:30 – 21:00

Close.  Wed.

Budget.  JPY1000

Center map

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Taiwanese Pork Rice Bowl

Off the street of Kokusai Dori is Yan no Mise.  A little taiwanese restaurant.  The name means the Restaurant of Yang. We love Taiwanese food.  We visit Taiwan frequently just for foods there.  While YuYu is gone out of the island on a trip, I had things to do in Naha and I was reminded of this Taiwanese food here.   A cozy restaurant, singlehandedly run by a Taiwanese lady.   Taiwanese pork rice bowl lunch.  JPY600.  I love Lu Rou Fan! Well, it was not authentic Taiwanese taste.  I don’t think so.  The Taiwanese has more of star anise, and somewhat greasier.  This one is between Taiwanese and Japanese teriyaki taste.  I […]

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