Our most favorite Ramen

Ramen Hachi Ren opened in 2008, just about the time we moved to Okinawa.  And we fell in love with their Ramen.  For the first 2 years we came almost every week.  We’ve seen their history.  It’s not an objective judgement, but it’s our pure love to say “They are the best Ramen on the island!!!”   Now they became so popular.  Most time and day, there’s a waiting line.  You write down your name, buy tickets for your orders , and wait to be called.   She ordered the signature Ramen.  Tonkotsu base from local Okinawa pork with medium heavy noodle.  Very rich, creamy and tasty.  We just loved the balance of all the tastes […]

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A Cup of Espresso

For the last 2 weeks, we were working intensively and we could not get out of Ginoza village. It was our day off after 2 weeks.  Headed out to Central Okinawa.  We had our favorite Ramen and now thirsty for a nice cup of coffee.  Zhyvago was open.   The cafe owner wanted me to try their Cappcino.   Oh wow…  Great rich aroma.  No edgy aftertaste. Felt my shoulders dropped and my lungs released a long breath.   He makes his beans at one of the top roasters in Okinawa, Pole Pole. He gets really excited when he talks about his coffee.   She doesn’t care who has roasted it, […]

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