Your iphone may be able to lead your way here.  But from here you have to find it with your own eyes.

Do you see a bakery?



There’s a sign!  But can’t really read it.

You can smell it in the air, though.



There’s a door!

It says “open” and “welcome”, but nothing really says it’s a bakery…



It is a bakery!!!



Welcome to Boulangerie i+plus.

The story is, the baker is very skilled and hotels want his pastry, he remodeled his house just to make pastry for the supply to hotels, but people started coming to buy, so he opened a little space for public sales.




The baker had years of working experience as a pastry chef in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya before he came back to his hometown here.  He selects his ingredients really carefully.  He still has such a inquiring mind to keep innovating and improving.



This is the organic pancake mix you should try.

70% Okinawan whole wheat .  30% French wheat.  French whole powder milk.  Okinawan non-refined sugar.  Sun-dried sea salt.  No artificials or preservatives.  Good for 3 months in refrigerator.



Here’s the owner chef, Shima san.

He’s such a good-hearted man.  He donates boxes of his breads every month to Kumi No Sato, the retreat center in Kume-jima Island for Fukushima children and families.

He posts blog everyday.  There are a lot of information when he makes seasonal specialties.  The pictures can tell you a lot.

Boulangerie i+plus


Restaurant Info


Boulangerie i+plus


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