Authentic Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

Fu-Un Ramen


Fu-Un Ramen is authentic Hakata Tonkotsu ramen.

Tonkotsu (creamy pork soup) is probably the most popular type of Ramen now.  But it was only available in Kyushu before.  It is originated in Hakata, Fukuoka, and Hakata city has always been the capital of Tonkotsu Ramen.

Now Tonkotsu ramen is so popular and spread throughout the nation, and there are many luxury fancy ramen.  But Hakata ramen is originally simple fast food.  People come in, just order how stiff you want the noodle to be boiled, ramen comes within a minute, you slurp it all up and go, leaving one coin (JPY500) behind on the table.



Fu-Un is that kind of simple, fast, but good quality authentic Hakata ramen.

They fly in the noodle from Hataka every morning.  Most of other ingredients come from Hakata or Kyushu region, too.



Regular ramen is JPY550…

Scallion ramen (JPY650) is the most popular.

And you need to choose the noodle stiffness.  Super stiff, stiff, regular, and soft.  Hakata people like it stiff or super stiff.  That way you can enjoy more aroma of wheat and the silky consistency of noodle.  The noodle is made to be eaten stiff actually.  It’s never gummy or chewy.

I like it stiff.  Say “Kata”.



Yes.  Ramen arrived within a minute.

I got scallion ramen with Men Tai Ko rice.  Men Tai Ko is another Hakata speciality.  Cured cod eggs with red peppers.



The soul soup.

Boiled extract from several different species of Okinawa porks, added everyday to the stock that the owner has kept since he opens the restaurant, the soup is so rich and creamy.  No trace of edgy offensive taste or smell.



The noodle is light straight, just like Hakata noodle is supposed to be.  Fantastic.



You can help yourself with some garnish, which is also very common with Hakata ramen.



If you want more than one serving, you can order another serving of noodle for JPY100.  Soup won’t be added.  If you save soup well, you can go 3 or 4 rounds of noodles!

To order, say “Kae Dama!” “Kata!” meaning another round of stiff noodle.



Soooo good.  Contentment.


The restaurant has 5 parking slots for guests near by.



This restaurant is very popular.  Always crowded at lunchtime.  You may need to wait for your slot.

But please do not park around the restaurant.  The restaurant would have hard time with the neighbors.





fu-un ramen



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