Day 3 in Taipei, Taiwan, Dec 2015

This is the dinner on Day 2. We took our challenge to try this restaurant for the first time.   Jen Dow vegetarian restaurant = 蓮香齋 = Jen Dow is the oldest, and the leading veggie restaurant in Taiwan with over 30 years of history. It’s a gigantic buffet.  All vegetarian food. No meat.  No fish.   Not even garlic, chinese chive or scallions with such sharp strong stimulations.  So Buddism monks can eat out here.  As a matter of fact, we did see some monks dining at the buffet.   We wanted to see how they cook all the foods with such limitations.   The place was huge!!!  A […]

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Day 2 in Taipei, Taiwan, Dec 2015

Starting out Day 2! We have no business to do today.  Full day for fun. When we come to Taiwan, we hardly have breakfast at hotel.  There are so many breakfast places around town to try.  When our hotel has breakfast buffet, we just take coffee and fruits. We wanted to go to one of our favorite Doujian places.  Xian Doujian is a common breakfast.  It’s salty soy milk.  With a little vinegar in it, the soy milk becomes half solid, fluffy texture.   We went to Fuhang Soy Milk = 阜杭豆漿 =   It was Sunday, at 9:00.  OMG, what a long line, all around the building.  It could be 1-hour wait.  We […]

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Day 1 in Taipei, Taiwan, Dec 2015

It has been 6 months since the last we were here. And we are happy to be back in Taiwan!!! The picture is the prepaid card for Taipei subways by the way. Let’s go eat! Straight from the airport, down the narrow backstreet of Taipei. YuYu is leading the way.  She is a master of “Eat Till You Drop” tours in Taipei.   Fu Ba wang = 富覇王豬脚極品餐庁 =   It was Saturday at 12:00.  The place was packed with people. There were 2 lines.  1 for eat-in, 1 for takeout.  It was a long line but the place was wheeling.  It was less than 10 minute wait.   Very decently priced […]

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