Okinawan Fish ‘n’ Chips

Maru Tama opened in 2014 in the port area of Naha. It’s run by a lovely family.  Very nice people. Okinawa has its own style of deep-fried finger food.  It’s called Tenpura here, but Okinawa Tenpura is pretty different from Japanese traditional tenpura.  It’s really like a fritter.  And it has established its popularity for local people as afternoon snack. Now they are taking on the challenge to provide their fish ‘n’ chips that they learned in New Zealand.   They report where every ingredients come from.   They are some other fries too.  Oysters, JPY300. Camembert, JPY900.  Avocade, JPY300.  Goya (Bitter gourd), JPY200.  Okura, JPY200.  Loofah and cheese, JPY250.   Fish […]

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