The best authentic Tsuke-Men in Okinawa

San Chiku Ju is a Tsuke-Men specialty restaurant.  The owner chef has worked in one of the most famous and popular Tsuke-Men in the country, Roku Rin Sha.  It’s the authentic Tsuke-Men as Master Yamagishi created it.   Located near Omoro Machi. They have opened the second restaurant in Ginowan.  I’ve been to that one several times too, but I think this head restaurant is better somehow.  They taste the same, but something’s different.  I recommend to first come to this one.   The menu is simple.  Tsuke-Men, the dipping noodle, or Maze-Men, no soup but seasoned noodle.  Go for Tsuke-Men first. They don’t seem to have English menu. You just need […]

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