Chinese dim sum buffet

It’s not known much, but Kanucha Resort has chinese dim sum buffet only on weekends.

And it’s surprisingly JPY2000 (JPY2160 with tax).



In about 30-minute drive off the exit of Ginoza on R331, you see Kanucha Resort opening the gate on your right.



The chinese restaurant is in the club house of the golf course.



Beautiful course.



The restaurant is looking down Oura Bay and the beautiful Pacific.



Buffet table has lots of stuff.



Fried foods.

Good to see chinese radish cake which is my favorite.  Chinese radish cake is a simple food and it is the kind of food Japanese people love, but somehow it’s not popular here yet as it can be.  I think it will be a future hit in Japan.




These are actually very nice housemade pickles with local veggies.



Chinese pastry.



There’s soup too.



We love this pickled Goya, bitter gourd.  It’s very refreshing and it’s nice to come back to it after every bites on dim sum.



There are 2 kinds of wagons that goes around restaurant.  One with steamed dumplings.  One with simmered foods.



The service lady explains what they are, but there are so many kinds of dumplings and her explanation did not register in me.  I just pick what I see.  They are mostly pork or shrimp.  There isn’t any unusual stuff.  They are pretty straight forward.



I like pork meaty ones.



Xiaolongbao. Watch out for the hot soup inside.



The simmered includes pig foot and chicken foot which might spook off some people, but you can see and avoid.  Fish dish here isn’t much attractive to me.

But this squid with fish eggs is very good.



We love this pork spareribs with Douchi, chinese salty black bean seasoning.  It’s got distinct flavor.  Actually, this spareribs are not regularly in the wagon.  So we always make the request to the kitchen when we sit at the table.



Sweets are pretty good too.

What amazes me is that they serve a pot of hot tea for free.  Free refill too.  And it tastes pretty good.  It’s the hotel original blend of Oolong tea and some herbs.



It’s my personal thought that hotel buffet is like a mass production of food.  I would not be surprised if they are taking full advantage of prepared food products and seasoning products.  They can’t make everything from scratch.  I take that for granted.

Still, for JPY2000, it’s a very satisfying lunch.  It’s nice to come back every once in a while.


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