The little vegan cafe Shizen Inu is located in the residential area on the Yomitan side of Hija river.



I don’t even remember how I managed to get there.



Very little cute signs here and there.  So easy to miss.



Very simple menu.


Vegan lunch plate.

Vegan cake.


Black sugar enzyme juice.


That’s it.  You don’t have to choose.



Small space.  There are a pair of chairs behind me.  But that’s it.

It’s the chef’s one-person operation.



The chalk board states the names of all the farmers who provided today’s vegetables.

The chef often visits these local farms to talk to farmers, talk to vegetables, get inspirations, and buy vegetables directly.  She loves doing that, she said.



This is the lunch plate of the day.  I forgot to take a picture of the assorted appetizers.  There were 3 kinds of little food like pickles, fried tofu, and vichyssoise.

Steamed unmilled rice.  Roasted Indian millet ‘meat loaf’ with miso? sauce.  Baked pumpkin with tomato sauce.  Salad.

Lunch plate can be pasta, curry, or Korean style rice bowl.




Oh, I didn’t expect that good.  Every bites were so tasty.  So rich.

So fulfilling.

Yea, that’s the word.  Very much fulfilling.



She uses a lot of multi-grains and beans, including organic Okinawan tofu.

I couldn’t believe that everything comes from vegetables only.  No animal related food.

How about this melted cheese on the baked pumpkin???

… She made it from vegetables.



The owner chef, Misuzu-san.

She was Italian chef and patissier before she found that her mother had a cancer.  She learned veggie and unmilled rice diet is a way to go for her mother.  She started learning veggie cooking.

One day she encountered a powerful veggie plate at an event in Yomitan.  The chef taught her, “Food is energy wave.”


Food is energy wave.  That is her motto now.

Your thought for the food shapes your energy wave.

Your energy wave shapes the food you make.

The food delivers your energy wave to those who eat it.


This is why her food is so energizing.


We shouldn’t have come here in a run.

We need to come back.  And try her sweets too.


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Vegan Cafe Shizen Inu



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