Housesmoked Bacon Burger

ToTo la Bebe Hamburger

On your way to the aquarium, there’s a good burger.

Sorry, it’s not about Captain Kangaroo this time.

This time I went to ToTo la Bebe in Motobu for the first time.



There’s a good parking lot in the same block.



They recently remodeled the place.



It’s a ticket system.  Self-service is requested.

The basic burger is JPY760.

But I’m here for Special Burger today.  JPY1200.  JPY1300 with cheese.

Add JPY500 for drink and large-size fries.



There’s a bright dining space.



And there’s a Japanese floor space.



Here it comes.

I’m smelling the smoked bacon already.

They make buns, patty, bacon, fries for themselves in the house.



They smoke the bacons which process takes a week.

They smoke with the local cherry.  Okinawa Cherry is called Taiwan Cherry.  Mt. Yaedake in Nago is famous for it.  They don’t cut trees but collect broken branches at Mt. Yaedake to make the smoke chips.



There’s free garnish for eat-in.  Pickled goya, boiled eggs, fried onions.

Wait a minute…

The note says “Ketchup is not recommended for burger.  The patty is seasoned already.”

Oh shooot!!!  I’ve already put on ketchup and mustard automatically as I saw them.  But they are meant for your fries…

I missed that note.



They say they make the sauce with Motobu beef with lots of fruits and vegetables.  No chemical.

They make buns daily.



Oh wow…  Smokey!!!

The patty is very meaty, made by roughly minced beef.  I think they throw in pieces of bacons in the patty too.  The sauce is very tasty, good match with the juicy meaty patty.

But… They are right.  Ketchup and mustard make it taste very cheap.  They get in the way to taste the meat.  Oh, shoot me.  I will come back.

It’s a bit pricy.  But I think doing a restaurant in such a rural area must be very tough.  I go easy on that.

Compared to Captain Kangaroo?  Hmmm, I think I should go check out their burger once more.  And this burger too, without ketchup!





toto la bebe hamburger


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