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Located in the middle of farming field of Ginoza, Kino Store provides house-made sweets with selected ingredients.  It’s very likely that they sell out in late afternoon.


Feature.  Baked cake, cookies

Location.  443 Ginoza, Ginoza, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 904-1302

Phone.  098-968-6036

Open.  10:00 – 17:00

Close.  Thu. Fri. Sat.

Budget.  JPY500

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Have you tried these muffins?

This is Kino Store a while back in February.     These muffins are hot! They are putting much energy in exploring their muffins these days.  And I love it!!!   This is “Tankan” muffins.  Very sexy. Tankan is a kind of orange.  Locally grown in Okinawa in this season.  Very popular in Taiwan too. Citrus sweetness in such a great harmony with nutty flavor.   My favorite apple muffin is present too.   Carrot cake. The famous carrots from Tsuken Island is coming into the season (from February to April)     Don’t miss their doughnuts too!  JPY180. This one is pumpkin spicy glaze.   The lemon cake was decorated with […]

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Sweets of the Week

Just hanging out to my neighbor to pick up some breakfast for the next couples of days. Kino Store opens on Thu, Fri, and Sat.   They change menu weekly.  Usually they all sell out before late afternoon.  A lot of people buy the weekly choice by mails regularly too. You can freeze them without losing quality.  You can buy a whole package to last for the next couples of weeks.   Apple Muffin.  JPY200 This is my favorite muffin.  Loaded with braised apple chunks with cinnamon.   Pitaya Bowl Muffin.  JPY200. This is another one I’ve never had.  Okinawan dragon fruit, island banana, blue berries, and topped with Kino Store […]

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Hawaiian Coconut Mochi

In the late afternoon yesterday, we dropped by our favorite little cake shop in Ginoza, Kino Store.   They were busy making cakes and cookies for mail orders. Yes, they pack every cakes and cookies of the week, about a dozen of them, and ship to you.  If you are in Okinawa, JPY3100 per pack, including freeze shipping.  They are very popular with this mail order. If you want to order, send me a message and I will help you.   These holiday cookies are included in the mail order of the week.   Their signature Lemon Cake JPY150   Black and White Cookie, JPY150   Hawaiian Coconut Mochi, JPY200.   […]

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Kino Store

In the middle of sugar cane field of Ginoza village is a little cozy sweets shop.  As we live in this rural village, Kino Store is a precious relief for our craving for sweets.   All the ingredients are carefully selected and prepared.  It’s just one of those foods that you feel the tender loving care of someone who makes them. They are mostly baked cakes and cookies.  Nothing fancy.  But they have solid fans.  They usually sell out in the late afternoon.   Today’s target was their famous Lemon Cake.  JPY150.   Restaurant Info   kino store    

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