The sausage and shrimps

We went out with Yuyu’s parents who were visiting the island. Her father’s call, “Let’s go to see Kato.”  He loves the sausages here.  Her mother wanted some seafood.   2 cheeses of our choice.   Our usual.  Chicken liver mousse and pork pate. Liver is fresh, no bloody smell, seasoned with nice flavorful liquor.  Pork pate has been matured, very tasty.   This is our usual too.  The best French Fries in our standards!!!   Roasted onion Pie.  Soooo sweet and tasty.   Soup de Poisson.  Beautiful broth with shrimps, fish, veggies   Yummm…  so rich, so good.   3 housemade sausages.  Original (meaty), herb, spicy.  I love the herb one the best.   Grilled […]

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