The Best Kara-Age, Japanese fried chicken

  We were at our favorite dinner place, Umiyuri.   With our favorite friends to hang around with.  Jimmie and Masami-san from Miyabi Chaya.   This is the Kara-Age I’m talking about.  Kara-Age is a Japanese style of fried chicken.  Typically marinated in soy sauce, mirin, sake, and ginger before patted in flour or potato starch and deep-fried.  It’s probably one of the most loved Japanese home cooking dishes.   And THIS is so crispy and crunchy outside, so juicy inside.  And it’s sooooo tasty!!!  Love it!   This is another chicken dish we couldn’t resist.  Stir fried with veggies and peanuts in fish sauce.   The dinner set.   This is the […]

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Our Usual

If you want to try Japanese home cooking, Umiyuri is one of the places you should come. Hearty homey everyday meals.   Umiyuri is located in the deep Kadena. It’s supposed to be Asian fusion cuisine, but I think it’s really the kind of food that Japanese people have at home.  The mother cooking. Japanese home cooking has been under a lot of influence from all over the world anyway, especially Chinese and Europeans.  We just add plain steamed rice and miso soup to make it a Japanese meal.   It always feels like visiting a good friend’s house. It’s a one-person operation.  Avoid weekend dinners if you don’t have time.  This place has solid local […]

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