If you want to try Japanese home cooking, Umiyuri is one of the places you should come.

Hearty homey everyday meals.



Umiyuri is located in the deep Kadena.

It’s supposed to be Asian fusion cuisine, but I think it’s really the kind of food that Japanese people have at home.  The mother cooking.

Japanese home cooking has been under a lot of influence from all over the world anyway, especially Chinese and Europeans.  We just add plain steamed rice and miso soup to make it a Japanese meal.



It always feels like visiting a good friend’s house.

It’s a one-person operation.  Avoid weekend dinners if you don’t have time.  This place has solid local fans who come very regularly.



Here’s Yuri san, the owner chef.

She’s from Fukuoka.  One of the famous cities for hybrid cultures and foods.

Also she has been to Thailand, and that’s where she started cooking.  That’s why some of the menu has Thai touch.



This is one of them.  Our must-have dish.  Spicy Chicken with peanuts.  Seasoned with Nam Pla, Thai fish sauce.



Yes, hit yourself honey.



It’s very cheap here.  All the dish is about JPY500 to JPY650.  And if you add JPY150, it comes with rice and soup.  If you add JPY50 more, you can upgrade the rice to chicken mix rice (steamed).  It’s so tasty!!



Deep fried spring rolls.



Eggplants and Pork.



Pan-fried dumplings.  Boiled dumplings are good too.



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