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Fresh noodle of traditional Okinawa Soba.

Feature.  Okinawa Soba

Location.  98-1 Yoshihara, Chatan, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa 904-0105

Phone.  098-926-1258

Open.  11:00 – 15:00

Close.  Sun

Budget.  JPY1000

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Savory fresh noodle

I was meeting up with one of my friends for lunch, and he took me to this place.  I’ve heard of this place, and I’m glad to visit for my first time.   Jagaru Soba in Chatan area.   Okinawa Soba is not Japanese Soba. Japanese soba uses buckwheat.  The history goes a long way, all the way back to 7th century. Okinawa soba uses wheat.  It was something a chef from China started in Naha in 19th century, just like other Chinese chefs started noodles in the main islands around the same time and became the origin of Ramen there. The noodle is originally made of wheat, water, salt, and ash of […]

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