Sui-Ton with Agoo Pork

Miyabi Chaya Nakamoto


We came to see our friends.  Masami-san and Jimmie at Miyabi Chaya.

Miyabi Chaya is a ohagi cafe but they serve lunch too.



Sui-Ton Ton.

Sui-Ton Lunch set is JPY850 which comes with an ohagi and a drink.  Add JPY300 for Agoo pork, Okinawa’s unique species and a brand pork, Sui-Ton Ton.



Yuyu had miso base.



Agoo Pork is fatty meat.  The fat carries sweet taste.  Soft in texture, richer in Umami components.  Low in cholesterol.  The fat melts at lower temperature.

I strongly recommend to add Agoo because it makes the whole bowl tastier with Umami components.



Sui-Ton is originally from Northern Japan.  It’s like Udon in different shape.  Japanese pasta, so to speak.  No egg, though.  It’s wheat, water and salt.  They told me they also put in a little tapioca starch for a little chewy texture.



I ordered Sio version (not on the menu yet).



The soup is konbu and shiitake mushroom base, seasoned with sesami oil.



I like it because I can taste the Umami of Agoo more directly than miso base.

The soup is very soothing.



We ordered Man Maru Yaki on the side, JPY500.

It’s like Okonomi Yaki.

The content is mainly cabbage, topped with sprouts, nori, and Myoga (ginger spike).  It’s seasoned with cheese and dried shrimps.  Comes with Yuzu Kosho.  Hot seasoning mix of the Japanese citrus and chili pepper.  Usukuchi (light) Soy Sauce for dipping.

The combination of taste (the cheese and dried shrimp part) is a little unfamiliar for the tongue of Japanese, but it’s very good.  Good to add your lunch or for an afternoon snack.



Crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside.



Do you see what looks like Wasabi, sitting on the carrot?  That’s Yuzu Kosho.  The citrus chilli.  Be careful.  Treat it like Wasabi.

Yuzu Kosho is originated in Kyushu.  Now it became very popular throughout the country and you find it in any grocery store.  Good seasoning for soup, grill, sashimi… Just anything.



Here comes our desert.  Ohagi!!!

I had it with lime macha soda.



Yuyu got sesami coasted Ohagi with hot macha.







miyabi chaya


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