We missed this feta cheese!

Little Greek Kitchen


We finally came back to Little Greek Kitchen, but this time in Yomitan.  She moved here from the island of Ikei late last year.  Now it’s standing on the high hill, overlooking the beautiful coast line of Yomitan.



I missed this signboard.



OK, here it is.

We barely made it to the lunch time.  I called her in advance and booked our lunch.  I just asked for whatever she can offer.



The place is pretty small.  About 7 tables.  Pamela, the owner chef, runs the place by herself.  I think it’s a nice size for one person operation.



This is the menu.  Actually I didn’t realize it was a menu until now.



I guessed she insisted to put some Greek blue into this place somehow.



Please share!



The weather wasn’t really good this day.  Even raining a little.  It should be a fascinating view when it’s clear.

Well, I know it is a great view here because this is the same place that Sara restaurant used to be in and I came here often.



Here it comes.  Greek Salad, with Pamela’s handmade Feta cheese, of course.



YuYu loved the white wine.

Feta cheese tasted creamy, rich, but not so sour or salty, rather mild, and I liked the match with the salad because the dressing was a little sharp with vinegar.



Our plate is here.  Beautiful looking on the local pottery of Omine Blue.



Here’s Pamela.



As usual, she explains what’s on the plate.  All the greek goodies with Okinawan ingredients.



Yummmm!!!  Light pie crust outside, creamy cheesy herby inside.



Roasted chicken breast.  The marinade was such a great touch.



This is the famous Pamela’s yogurt sauce.  Goes great with anything.



You dunk into it, or you can just suck into it.



This was a great surprise.  It was lamb.  In tomato sauce and with couscous.

Tomato sauce was flavored with cinnamon.  Pamela explained that it’s very common in Greece.  It was very new to me, but it was actually very delicious.  Cinnamon turns it to something completely different.  I love discoveries like this.  This is something we Japanese would never think of.



A dessert yogurt with blueberry sauce.



Our lovely lunchtime was passing slowly into the afternoon.



Pamela gave me her Feta cheese to bring back home.  She remembered that I gave her some fresh fish I caught a year ago.  What a nice person.



And she also let us try her Halloumi.  This cheese is originated in Cyprus, she explained.  It’s layered with mints.  We’ve never tried this, or even heard of this.  Soooo good.  It’s grilled until crispy but still the rest stays in tact and holds the texture.  And the heat brings up a lot of flavor out of the fresh cheese.



There was no other guests around, so she invited me into her kitchen.  This was her custom made cheese machine.  I don’t know what exactly it does, but it makes curd.



Looks like Tofu to me.  Then she will weigh on it to get more liquid out, then onto the aging process.  Eventually she will get, out of 20 liters of milk, how much kilo of cheese???  I forgot how much.  I think it gets down to like 20% of milk.



She let me try some different cheeses that she’s experimenting.  She mixes cow milk and goat milk for her cheese.  She is experimenting different cow milk, different aging process, different recipe.  They all tasted different.  They were all good.  Just different, from mild to sharp, from freshy to rich, and different creaminess…

It’s just amazing she’s still exploring.  It’s really her passion to provide good food, real food.



The way she looks at her cheese was really like a mother looking at her children to grow.





Little Greek Kitchen



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