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Hearty housemade greek cuisine by Pamela Ann, featuring her gorgeous housemade cheese and yogurt that she learned while she was in Greek.  Moved to Yomitan from Ikei Island in Dec 2016.


Feature.  GreekLocation.  1189-3 Nagahama Yomitan Okinawa 904-0324

Phone. 098-989-7777

Open.  12:00 – 17:00 (Sun-Mon)

12:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 22:00 (Fri-Sat)

Close.  Tue. Wed.

Budget.  JPY3000

Center map

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We missed this feta cheese!

We finally came back to Little Greek Kitchen, but this time in Yomitan.  She moved here from the island of Ikei late last year.  Now it’s standing on the high hill, overlooking the beautiful coast line of Yomitan.   I missed this signboard.   OK, here it is. We barely made it to the lunch time.  I called her in advance and booked our lunch.  I just asked for whatever she can offer.   The place is pretty small.  About 7 tables.  Pamela, the owner chef, runs the place by herself.  I think it’s a nice size for one person operation.   This is the menu.  Actually I didn’t realize it was […]

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Hearty Greek Cuisine on Ikei

We’ve heard of this place just opened this summer. Finally got a chance to visit Little Greek Kitchen on Ikei Island.  About 40-minute drive from Okinawa North exit of the expressway.  All the way through the pretty little village of Ikei to the very end on the water.   Far out in the Pacific, the island is surrounded by beautiful reefs. This is a beach just in front of the restaurant.   The restaurant is built in 2 shipping containers.   A very pretty cozy place.  Feels like we are visiting a good friend.   It was very nice to finally meet Pamela.  The owner chef. She’s from California.  Spent so many years […]

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This is where the restaurant used to be on the beautiful island of Ikei.







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