Cafe Garamanjaku | JAPANESE

Hearty vegetarian cuisine from ancient wisdom.  Enjoy Okinawa’s longevity food in a beautiful Okinawan old house cafe.


Feature.  Okinawan, Vegetarian

Location.  10507-4 Kin, Kin-chō, Okinawa 904-1201


Open.  12:00 – usually 15:00

*30 meals a day.  Close when sold out.

*Reservation is recommended.

Close. Tue, Wed, non-regularly

Budget.  JPY3500+

Posts about this restaurant

Detox lunch of traditional medine

This is a little while back.  We went to Cafe Garamanjaku to detox our toxicated friend from Osaka!!!   As usual, starting […]

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Food is medicine

  Food is medicine. That is a notion in Chinese Traditional Medicine.  This dietary notion has been spread out on the […]

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