Cafe Garamanjaku | JAPANESE

Hearty vegetarian cuisine from ancient wisdom.  Enjoy Okinawa’s longevity food in a beautiful Okinawan old house cafe.


Feature.  Okinawan, Vegetarian

Location.  10507-4 Kin, Kin-chō, Okinawa 904-1201


Open.  12:00 – usually 15:00

*30 meals a day.  Close when sold out.

*Reservation is recommended.

Close. Tue, Wed, non-regularly

Budget.  JPY3500+

Posts about this restaurant

Detox lunch of traditional medine

This is a little while back.  We went to Cafe Garamanjaku to detox our toxicated friend from Osaka!!!   As usual, starting with today’s mix.  Seasonal veggies, fruits, wild plants and herbs.   It really nourishes your digestive system with enzymes.     Just look at the beautiful plate of traditional medicine of local veggies and wild plants. Yummmmmm, soooooo soothing!   Kiyoko-san gave us a special treat.  Miki is a naturally fermented drink made of rice powder, sweet potato, and sugar that they have made traditionally around okinawa islands.  This one is made of purple potato.  Tastes like Yogurt. The taste depends on how many days it has been fermented, but this one is young, just a couple […]

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Food is medicine

  Food is medicine. That is a notion in Chinese Traditional Medicine.  This dietary notion has been spread out on the island.  Okinawa used to have very limited food resources.  There are typhoons.  There’s no constant river.  But they had variety of medical herbs and wild grass that the strong sun grows, taro, sweet potatoes and potatoes that the tuff loam grows, and a few domesticated animals like pigs and goats.  Okinawa used to be a trading country.  They learned from the neighboring countries like Japan, China, and south Asian countries and developed their unique diet which takes full advantage of every pieces of their limited food resources. And that was […]

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