Fresh Japanese Tiger Prawns

Tamaya is a Japanese Tiger Prawn restaurant, operated by the prawn farm in Ginoza. Japanese Tiger Prawn is a close relative of black tiger.  Very firm and crunchy in texture and very sweet in flavor because it’s richer in Umami components than other shrimps.  It’s a very sensitive and fragile species.  They are so hard to raise that the Japanese farmers are still proud of their privilege of its production in hard competition with other cheaper foreign shrimps from foreign countries.   Yuyu likes Kirin draft beer.   She had Tenpura bowl. It’s Japanese style tenpura. Okinawan tenpura is a little different than Japanese style.  Okinawan is like fritters. They rapid-freeze the prawns in a -40C degree freezer, […]

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Black curry and skewered fries

On the backstreet near the Makishi public market in Naha is Nuji Bonbon Kushi.   Nuji Bonbon Kushi is the second location of a very popular restaurant in Naha, called Nuji Bonbon Z.   This second restaurant features their signature Black Curry Rice and skewered fries.   The interior isn’t really presented in integrity, just like the first restaurant.  But we know the food is a real thing.   Yuyu ordered the breaded fried meat loaf.  It’s a sure thing. The meat loaf is Japanese beef and pork mix and it’s got lots of flavor and lots of juice inside.   Yes, yes. yes.  We know it’s good.   It’s sure the Nuji Bonbon, […]

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Heart-warming brunch

Ploughman’s Lunch Bakery is a very popular and a very high-quality bakery cafe in Kitanakagusuku. We had an old friend visiting the island.  We took her there for a brunch on the way to the airport.   This is the first sign you see.  Park you car to the left and walk to the cafe on the right.   It’s an American house cafe. They serve breakfast and lunch, also pastry on a go.   This vegan oat meal cookie is gooood.   The menu is in English too. 7 kinds of sandwiches, including 4 vegan.  Every entry comes with soup and drink.   I had an uncured ham and Japanese basil […]

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